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Acute Angle
Acute Angle

The Acute Angle is an independent social and political channel. The history of modern Russia, which will not be shown on TV. Sometimes in a video I combine politics with an art house. On the channel you can see:
✈ Video from the opening of all the staffs of Alexei Navalny, trips to the cities of Russia.
❓ Video responses of Navalny to a particular question.
📺 Political cuts from the Acute Angle are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, in the mood.
⚡ News and topical resonance events related to politics.
📻 Old or not quite old vintage videos - [remember everything]
🎩 "Evening Berger" show with Vladimir Berger

Also on the channel the filter of a mat is installed, and if your comment does not pass moderation - swear literally! 😇

Support the channel:
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☕ Yandex.Money - 410014393027664