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We are building a house
We are building a house

Hi, my name is Konstantin.
I am building a house from scratch for my family and myself and make videos about this fascinating process.
Do you want to know how to build a house on your own?
What difficulties you have to face and how to overcome them?
I'm not a professional builder and I do not want to teach you how it should be done. I am only would like to show you how I did it.
There is nothing difficult, but the construction process has many nuances .
When I have found out these details or have done any errors in the construction, I always try to share with you in order for you are not repeating my mistakes.
I hope my experience will be useful for you and will help you to solve the problems on your own worksite. I am sure you can build your house successfully.
I am waiting for you in among my followers!
Thank you!